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Coconut oil on the go.
A 100% natural product to eat, to wear, to love.
Our coco oil is ethically sourced and sustainably farmed in Sri Lanka.
From the tree to you with love.

More uses for coco oil than you can imagine…


Bone Health Booster

Boosting calcium and magnesium ab- sorption in your body, coco oil makes for healthier and stronger bones and teeth.

Tummy Ache Reliever

A spoonful of coco oil offers a remedy for stomach aches. From ulcers to bowel moments, no more achy in your tummy.

Cholesterol Level Improver

Replace other oils in your foods with coco oil to revive the enzymes that break down fat cells, help boost your levels of good cholesterol and aid a healthy heart.

Metabolism Booster

Like a gift from nature, the lauric acids that make up coco oil help digestion, encourage fat burning, and give your liver an energy boost.

Throat Soother

Lozenges, cough drops and throat sweets have nothing on coco oil. We prescribe a teaspoon in your tea as a natural remedy for a sore throat.

Congestion Clearer

If you catch a cold, add coco oil to some tea tree oil and rosemary oil and rub it across your chest and under your nose to breathe easy.

Flu Fighter

Packed with antioxidants and antibacterial properties, a good swig of coco oil helps boost your immune system to naturally fight off the bad stuff.

Baking Gamechanger

If baking is your jam, make coco oil your butter (literally). Replace your classic shortening and butter for a healthier and lighter consistency to your pies, cakes and cookies.

Granola Roaster

Add coco oil to your favourite oaty, nutty mixture before popping it in the oven for a deliciously homemade breakfast crunch.

Salad Dresser

Switch up the olive oil for a bit of coco oil as a salad dressing base. Simply add vinegar, raw honey, a dash of Himalayan salt and you’re in for a healthy treat.

Egg-cellent Bruncher

Give your sunny side ups and your scrambles a nutritious breakfast boost. Bet you thought brunch couldn’t get any better.

Stir Fryer

When cooking at high heats, coco oil won’t emit harmful radicals into your food like some other oils do. Spice it up and add a dash of lemon juice for extra tropical vibes.

Nut Butter-er

Got nuts? Throw them into a food processor and squeeze in some coco oil to whip up a delicious homemade nut butter that tickles your fancy.

Toast Topper

Clear out the marmite and the marmalades. Coco oil is a more natural, nutritious spread for your toast- even better with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Kitchen Helper

From greasing up cast iron pots and pans to dashing it in skillet, coco oil is the natural companion for every kitchen.

Smoothie Binder

Top up your blender with nutritious veggie/fruity goodness, and smooth it out with a dash of coco oil for some extra natural energy in your smoothies.

Coffee Cremer

However you take your coffee, ditch the sugar or sweetener and drizzle a bit of coco oil in your cuppa for a natural boost.

Flavour Enhancer

From roasted veggies to home-baked goodies, pump up the natural flavours and give your dishes a healthier, tastier aroma.


Nosebleed Preventor

A nosebleed is a sign of dry and irritated nostrils. Keep your nose from drying out (especially in those dry winter months) with a coat of coco oil.

Frizz Fighter

Squeeze a tiny bit into your palm and smooth it over your hair to ease any frizz or fly-away bits. The natural coco oils repel moisture and keep your hair from misbehaving.


The method is “oil pulling”, an ancient Ayurvedic remedy for oral health and detoxification. Simply swish and gargle some coco oil in your mouth for 3 to 10 minutes to please your gums, teeth and skin.

Eyelash Enhancer

Use coco oil to strengthen your eyelash batting power. Dab some on a cotton swab and dab it across your lids before bed.

Stinky Feet Deodorizer

Excess bacteria creeping up between your toes? With its natural antibacterial properties, a dash of coco oil with a drop of tea tree oil will keep stinky smells at bay.

B.O. Banisher

The lauric acid in coco oil kills the bacteria in your pits and busts out body odour (Disclaimer: it is thoroughly effective but may not quite be powerful enough to be your sole deodorizer).

Eczema Calmer

Both a moisturiser and anti-inflammatory, coco oil can help calm your itchy and irritable skin woes.

Dandruff Fighter

A flaky scalp is never a good look – squeeze some coco oil into your palms and treat yourself to a head massage to keep dandruff at bay.

Breakout Beater

Beat breakouts and combat redness and irritation with coco oil by applying a thin layer to a clean face to reduce inflammation, and pack in some natural moisture.

Glow Getter

The natural goodness of coco oil brings out the glow in your skin. Mix it up with some baking soda, brown sugar or salt for a superstar exfoliator to use in the shower.

Cuticle Carer

Rub a dab of coco oil into your nail beds to keep your hands happily moisturised and say goodbye to flaky fingers.

Clean Shaver

For a clean, close shave that also hydrates your skin, smear on some pure coco oil, or mix it up with Shea butter and essential oils to keep it extra smooth.

Lip Hydrator

From dry winter months to sunny summer days, coco oil is your go-to balm for smooth, hydrated smoochers. Combine it with a dab of lipstick for a natural looking tint.

Deep Conditioner

Ditch store-bought conditioners packed with shady chemicals and simply make your own by mixing coco oil and raw honey. Let it sit for 30 minutes and rinse.

Teeth Whitener

Ever thought about the harsh chemicals in your toothpaste? With a bit of baking soda coco oil naturally benefits your gums and enamel, and aids overall dental health.

Skin Hydrator

Ditch fancy overpriced creams for coco oil, a simple totally natural and effective way to hydrate sensitive to dry skin, everywhere and anywhere.

Ear Cleaner

Squeeze just a tickle of coco oil onto a cotton swab to gently get your ears squeaky clean.

Cold Sore Chaser

The second you feel the tell-tale tingle of what could be a cold sore, dab the area with some antiviral-packed coco oil to fight it.


Pleasure Partner

Coco oil offers you the perfect personal pleaser or shared love lubricator. Its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties also prevent dryness, yeast and fungal overgrowth.

Brush Cleaner

Give your makeup brushes some antibacterial love with a mixture of antibacterial dish soap and coco oil. Do this weekly to rid your bristles of all residue.

Stretch Mark Seducer

Everyone, especially expecting mothers, should lather on coco oil to prevent stretch marks from forming. It heals, soothes, clarifies and moisturises perfectly, and all naturally.

Bug Bite Tamer

Soothe pesky insect bites with a dab of coco oil. Or, go totally DIY and make your own non-toxic insect repellent by boiling coco oil with some Shea butter and essential oils.

Sunburn Soother

Holidays are all fun and games until somebody catches too much sun. Rub some coco oil over your scorching skin to calm, moisturise and relieve the burn.

Boo Boo Healer

Coat your cuts and scrapes with a thin layer of coco oil to keep out dust and harmful bacteria. Rub it on your bruises to calm your black and blues and heal your battle wounds.

Furry Friend Lover

Our pet pals need coco love, too. Coat your kitty’s paws with a bit of coco to cut down on hairballs or condition your puppy’s coat to be healthy and shiny. Add a bit to your pet food as a natural health booster.

Zipper Saver

It’s a little random, yes- but we have all been there. Next time a stubborn zipper is holding you hostage, coat it with a bit of coco oil to escape its wrath.

Home Furnishing Polisher

From scrubbing your shower clean to keeping wooden kitchen utensils in tip top shape to quieting squeaky hinges, coco oil can give your home plenty of love.

Breastfeeding Comforter

For breastfeeding mothers coco oil offers a soothing lotion for your sore nipples that’s not only edible, but also 100% baby safe.

Bath Time Pleaser

Run yourself a relaxing bath with a good dose of coco oil and Epsom salts for soreness, bloating or simply to soak away the stresses of the day.

Massage Master

A bit of TLC goes a long way. Add a drop or two of essential oils to some coco oil to get (or give) the perfect massage and recreate the spa treatment at home.

Stress Reliever

Stressful day? Close your eyes, take a breath, massage some coco oil into your temples and let the tropical aroma take you away…

Night Hydrator

A million creams for a million different things? Omnipotent coco oil cuts through the bullsh*t and works for you day and night.

Baby Bottom Balmer

Coco oil is every parent’s magical, baby-safe serum. Rub it over your baby’s skin for a chemical-free, water-repellent diaper-rash-repelling, moisturiser balm.

Skin Softener

You deserve baby-soft skin, too! Swap out your regular fragranced moisturisers for a 100% natural and nourishing alternative and keep every bit of your body soft and smooth.

Make Up Remover

Even the heaviest of makeup lifting can be done using coco oil – including the most stubborn waterproof eye makeup. Simply apply to your face, let it sink in a bit and then wash away with a warm, wet cloth.